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Sep 4th, 12
A New Website
New Website...Out with the old and on with the new look
Aug 23rd, 12
High Availability is here
Finally after many...many weeks of testing and configuration changes we have mastered the HA on our new Linux servers.  Windows boxes are next!!
June 30th, 12
Remote Reboot
Now we can remotely reboot any server from anywhere.  When we are away from the network room it became apparent that we needed the capability to remotely reboot the servers.  So we hooked up a power distribution module that allows us this capability.  Murphy's that we have it...The servers seem to know and are more stable :)
May 15th, 12
New Webservers
We now have new webservers built on dual Zeon processors and RAIDed hard drives...these babies are FAST!!!
Welcome to CarBen LLC.

          Specializing in Small Business Websites and Entrepreneurial Startups

Small Business Websites
Professional website designs done fast so you can concentrate on sales and marketing. A staff of website developers, Programmers and Network Engineers who are ready to develop and implement your requirements.

Web Hosting
Fast reliable internet connection. Our servers (UNIX and Windows) support ASP, PHP4, Frontpage 2003, CGI, MySQL, SSL, and Windows Sharepoint Services.

Website Marketing
Utilizing keyword management techniques, search engine submissions and "Pay-per-Click" campaigns, CarBen will help you attract customers and generate internet traffic to your website.

Web Security and Office Networks
From securing your e-commerce transaction to installing routers, firewalls, and wireless networks at your local office, CarBen can provide Internet Security tools and experience to meet your business needs.




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